University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Associate Chair for Administration (ACA) partners with the Chair in the Department of Pediatrics to develop and execute on a strategic vision and to lead the Department across the clinical care, education, research, and service missions. The ACA ensures departmental resource allocation in support of strategic priorities, with a focus on school and system alignment. The Associate Chair assumes substantial independent senior administrative authority in the Chair’s Office with responsibility for the Department’s policy development, oversight of human resources and financial management, and implementation of systems and resource management to advance the stated goals.

The Chair and the Associate Chair work hand-in-hand to set the direction and determine the strategic priorities of the Department to assure that the Department’s mission is achieved. The ACA has primary responsibility for: 1. Financial Planning, Budget Development, and Management 2. Clinical and Business Operations Management 3. Human Resources Management 4. Sponsored Programs Management 5. Planning and Marketing 6. Governance and Oversight. 7. Education

The UNC Department of Pediatrics has expert clinicians in all pediatric and pediatric surgical subspecialties, enabling us to care for children who need specialized care beyond the capability of a community hospital. The department is composed of 15 divisions and several other pediatric groups and programs, all of which are dedicated to excellent clinical care, broad and balanced medical teaching, advocacy for the children of North Carolina, and innovative research endeavors. The range of services offered by the Department of Pediatrics includes treating premature infants (sometimes smaller than a pound), full-term newborns, toddlers, children, adolescents, and young adults.

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