Update! - 2020 Annual AAAP Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana has been canceled

Sunday, May 17th - Tuesday, May 19th

Hotel Conrad



Dear AAAP Members and Sponsors: 

The Board has been closely watching the news related to COVID-19 over the last few weeks.  Unfortunately based on the information we have at this time, the Board has decided to cancel our upcoming AAAP 2020 Annual Meeting.  Many of our institutions have already started adopting short term domestic travel restrictions and we anticipate this number to only grow. While canceling our national meeting is a difficult decision, we think taking this precautionary route to ensure everyone’s safety is the best course.  We have a great membership and we will identify alternative ways to continue our professional development and networking, as we all navigate through this challenging period.     

The Board’s immediate priority is to work through the operational details associated with the cancellation of the meeting and the necessary work of our annual business meeting. For those who submitted registration fees already, Mike is going to be refunding these to you shortly.  We recognize that some of you may have purchased airline tickets but hopefully the current airline waiver/cancellation policies will allow for full refunds.  Tan is working on the notification to the hotel, so no further action will be required on your part to release your hotel reservations.  Thank you to many of you who submitted to the poster/panel call for proposals.  Melody had just recently sent out the official announcements and instructions.  Due to yesterday’s decision to cancel the Annual Meeting, you will no longer need to submit any materials.  We hope you w ill continue doing your great work and we will be back to you with opportunities to engage in upcoming webinars/meetings. 

I want to thank Susan, Tan, Mike, the Planning committee (Liz, Melody, Gil, Surabhi and Angela) and the IU-Peds Department; they have spent countless hours in preparing for this meeting and we will definitely take their work/learnings and apply to our future webinars/meetings.   

Please feel free to email me (sandie.bolina@vumc.org) or any member of the Board if you have any questions. 

Sandie Bolina,

AAAP President