Zhenming Tan

Zhenming Tan is currently the Associate Administrator for Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine overseeing the department’s academic operation. As a member of the department’s leadership team, Tan assists the Chair and the Vice Chair of Administration in strategic and financial planning of the department. Tan joined Pediatrics in 2003 and has overseen a variety of departmental financial, research operations, and filled key roles on many departmental/practice plan projects. In addition to central administrative duties, Tan has over the years served as a Fiscal Officer/Division Administrator for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Children’s Health Services Research, General Pediatrics, Child Development Center, Developmental Pediatrics, and the Pediatric Clinical Translational Research Center, providing financial and administrative oversight for these divisions. Prior to Pediatrics, Tan worked at Indiana University’s Financial Management Services as a financial analyst and a compliance consultant. He has been a member of AAAP since 2007 and served on several committees and served on the AAAP board as Secretary from 2013-2015 and Communications Director from 2015-2016. Having received all his degrees (BA, MA and MBA) from Indiana institutions, Tan has been a transplanted Hoosier for over 20 years. He is married with two children, and his family resides in Carmel, Indiana.