Membership Committee

The Membership Committee’s charge is to grow the AAAP membership and foster member involvement, particularly among newer members.  The Committee consistently strives for representation across all Regions and from all levels of member institutions.  The Membership Committee meets quarterly by teleconference. Additional communication may occur by email or phone.   

If you are interested in participating on this committee and/or would like additional information, please contact Desiree Brown at

Desiree Brown University of South Florida  South

Web-site & Communications Committee

The Web-Site & Communication Committee’s charge is to add value to a member’s relationship with AAAP by providing consistent and active communications to all members.  This is done by:

  • Providing information and opportunities to expand professional knowledge and contacts through professional meetings and online member discussions
  • Assessing communication needs and mechanisms to identify adequacy/deficiencies/improvement opportunities
  • Evaluating the communication program at least annually for current suitability and effectiveness

The Committee strives for representation across all Regions and from all levels of member institutions.  If you are interested in participating on this committee and/or would like additional information, please contact Annamarie Beaulieu at

Annamarie BeaulieuConnecticut Children’s Northeast

Finance Committee

Surabhi AgrawalStanford UniversityWest 


The AAAP Finance Committee was developed in order to begin to develop a long-term strategy for financing the organization’s annual operations in light of changes related to long time sponsors and increasing financial constraints on members and their institutions. In addition to evaluating the long term financial needs and goals, this committee will serve as a vehicle for engagement of the membership broadly.


The Finance Committee will initially focus on the major areas/projects listed below:

  • Review of sponsorship guidelines, levels of financial contribution, and expectations for partnership
  • Formalize job posting criteria and pricing for distribution to various contacts including recruitment firms 
  • Develop budget templates related to regional and annual meetings
    • can be used to evaluate sites and ensure that appropriate allocations and board decisions/recommendations are being made to account for operating expenses as part of the 
  • Evaluate and recommend to board of directors possible revenue generating opportunities that may be implemented as part of a long term plan of action to ensure financial stability and organizational sustainability 

Roles & Responsibilities

The Finance Committee members will actively engage in developing recommendations for consideration by the board of directors and the membership at large (annual business meeting in May). Future members of the committee may need to review existing recommendations and policies for relevance to current situation(s) and revise either practice or process in light of change.

Anticipated time commitment

Given the charter of the committee, the board of directors anticipates participation in quarterly conference calls (which will be scheduled by Michael Propst) about an hour in duration. There may be delegated action items in follow up to the calls in order to move the chartered tasks along. In general the time commitment will likely be between 3 and 5 hours bi-monthly.

Work Group Membership Composition

Chair: Treasurer of AAAP, duration of service to Finance Committee consistent with that of the position of treasurer on the board.

Ad Hoc: President Elect of AAAP, for one year and with focus primarily on issues related to annual sponsorship which has been part of the President Elect position description.

Members: positions will be held for 12 months and may be recommended for reappointment for up to 24 months.

Advisors/content experts: as appropriate the Finance Committee may request that other members of the AAAP participate in discussion or development of recommendations to the board. Examples of content experts that might be helpful to the committee include, but are not limited to: site hosts for annual meetings, program directors for annual meetings, program directors for regional meetings, past board members.

Charter initiated: February 2015

If you would like additional information, please contact Surabhi Agrawal at