The Faculty Compensation and Productivity Survey is conducted by the Association of Administrators in Academic Pediatrics (AAAP) on an annual basis and is published each February.

The report includes:

  • Faculty compensation, breaking out base and incentive/bonus compensation by rank, subspecialty and region.
  • A comparison of these same data by faculty responsibility categories, which include clinician/teacher, community based provider, division head and researcher.
  • Years-in-ranks reports.
  • A composite summary of PhD and other doctorate faculty, as well as summaries that separate clinical and research-based PhD and other doctorate faculty.

Data is typically collected mid-late fall of the calendar year with results available the following February. The data collection period is for the most recently completed fiscal year. Each year, over 100 academic pediatric departments participate in the survey representing over 15,000 faculty (MD and PhD) and Nurse Practitioners in 29 subspecialty categories.

The survey data collection is administered through a third party, Degnon Associates, to ensure member data confidentiality. The survey results are made available in a print edition that is distributed to each participating institution at the end of the data collection process. In addition, the results are available on an electronic platform, Roundtable Analytics Insights Portal, which allow members to sort data and create tables based on whatever parameters are set. This incredibly powerful tool allows our members to tailor compensation programs, equity reviews, and starting salary offers to fit any individual situation.


If you have taken or purchased the survey, you can access and export the information through Roundtable Analytics. Survey data in PDF format is accessible through Degnon and also includes your institution’s specific survey submission.


For a list of participating schools for the 2020-2021 survey, click here.