The Member Assistance program provides financial assistance to members of the AAAP who, because of financial constraints at their institution(s), are unable to attend annual educational meetings or secure approval to process annual membership dues through their department. 

Application Process
The application must be completed, signed, and forwarded to the Member Assistance Committee (see below for details).

Review Process 
Applications are reviewed for need on an ad hoc basis. The following criteria are considered during the review process:

  1. Priority goes to active members from AMSPDC schools.
  2. There should be only one individual per AMSPDC school, rather than multiple members, receiving assistance. 
  3. Preference is given to individuals who did not receive assistance for the previous year’s meeting, for annual dues or to new membership requests. 

If assistance is awarded, registration OR lodging and travel expenses are covered. The member is expected to cover all other incidental expenses (i.e., ground transportation, meals, gratuities, etc.). 

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) is currently budgeted in the AAAP annual operating budget for both the annual meeting and membership dues for active members. 

The MAP Committee is comprised of the Past President, Treasurer and one active AAAP member for annual meeting requests, and the Membership Director, Treasurer and one active AAAP member for the dues requests. 

The Member Assistance Program Committee will maintain complete confidentiality of applicants and their applications. Only the Committee and the Treasurer of the AAAP will know the identity of the individuals applying and/or receiving support.  


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Annual Meeting 

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